Agri Chemicals

McDonnell Bros stock & supply a wide range of agri chemicals for grassland and arable crops.
We deal with all the leading manufacturers of Agrochemicals worldwide which puts in a position to give you the most up to date chemistry available at all times.

McDonnell Bros provide an excellent technical backup service with our chemicals. We stock Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Trace Elements, Growth Regulators & Grassland chemicals.



Grassland Chemicals:

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Doxstar Pro – a new improved stronger formulation:

  • The new formulation gives excellent control against docks, common chickweed, daisies, dandelions and other common weeds
  • Apply 4 weeks before cutting
  • Affects clover
  • Cost €26/AC Full rate
  • 2 applications half rate recommended 1.5 lt /Ha twice



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HI Load Mircam:

  • Excellent weed control, especially docks
  • Can be used on seedling docks or early regeneration stoots
  • Affects clover
  • Cost €12/AC full rate
  • Rate 1.25 Lt/HA



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Forefront T:

  • Leading product in control of weed in grassland
  • Controls docks, thistles, nettles, ragwort, etc.
  • Affects clover
  • Cost €30/AC
  • Rate 2.0Lt/Ha

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Grazon 90:


  • Herbicide recommended for spot treatment on nettles, docks, thistles, brambles in established grassland
  • Used mainly around ditches and under wire
  • Rate 6ml per litre water
  • Often used in nap sack sprayers



farm 036



  • Clover safe product for control of docks in established grassland
  • Apply 21 days before cutting
  • Rate 1 Pack to 6 AC
  • Cost €19/AC




  • MCPA & D50 mix
  • Mainly used for ragwort control
  • Ideal time rosette stage
  • Keep stock out until ragwort is decaded
  • Rate 3.3 Lt/HA




  • clovex Herbicide for new lays
  • Clover safe
  • Kill most common weed (exp chickweed)
  • 4-7 weeks after sowing
  • 10 Lt pack treats 3.5 AC