Agricultural Seeds

Grass Seed

We carry a full range of seed varieties from the latest Irish Approved list. Our Acorn mixes are formulated to the highest standards and recognized as being leaders in the field.

We have our own approved mixing plant on site where any special mix can be made at your request.

Acorn Mixes

Sweet Tooth:

  • Gives a leafy nutritious sward with high intakes of grass.
  • High D value swards.
  • Excellent sward utilisation.
  • Excellent spring growth capacity.

Gold Tooth:

  • Formulated to deliver high yielding and digestible silage crops.
  • Gives very early high quality swards of high D value.
  • Excellent sward density and persistency.

Two Cut Silage:

  • An ultra reliable performance mixture formulated to deliver longevity and consistent quality.
  • First cut silage can be planned by end of May or early June.
  • The mixture performs extremely well under conservation management and high fertiliser systems.
  • Produces rapid regrowth after cutting with a leafy aftermath of high digestibility.

Heavy /Peaty Land

  • This blend of grasses and clovers thrives with lower inputs of artificial nitrogen.
  • Includes Timothy to deliver an early bite in a late wet spring.
  • A very persistent and winter hardy mixture.

Cereal Seed & Agricultural Seeds

McDonnell Bros stock a wide variety of seeds to cater for all crops on the farm;
Wheat, Oats, Barley, Oilseed Rape, Beans, Maize, Peas, Beet, Kale & Rape.

Visit the Dept of Agriculture website to get up to date lists on cereals.


See our brochure:

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