Beef Feeds


Macs Cereal Beef Cube 15% –

High quality nut suitable to feed to weanling’s through to finishing beef. Includes a high percentage of native cereals. This is our number one selling beef cube and has proven results. For those who prefer the cubes rather than the coarse ration.

Macs Beef finishing Nut 14%

This is the latest addition to our feed range. A finishing nut more suited to finishing heifers or bullocks that are coming off grass. This cube is formulated with high level of starch and digestible fibre to increase live weight gain and kill out percentages.

Coarse Rations: 

MACS Ad-Lib Ration (12% C.P.)

Designed for intensive Ad-Lib finishing of superior cattle and bull beef systems. Energy dense diet containing barley and maize. Also includes a good range of buffers to ensure no acidity problems.

MACS Super Beef Ration(12% C.P.)

Specially designed for intensive feeding in the last 60-90 days before slaughter. Contains a high level of maize meal.  Also includes intensive beef mineral pack which improves feed efficiency, increase dry matter intakes and reduces digestive disorders.

MACS Elite Bull Finisher Ration

This ration has over 50% cereal including maize. It contains an intensive mineral with buffers. It also contains yeast and concentrated fat. These all help to give extremely high weight gains and grades.

MACS Beef Ration (14%C.P.)

This ration is suitable for feeding to all cattle in transition during the winter. Ideal to feed in conjunction with high quality grass silage to get optimum results.

MACS Cereal Ration (15% C.P.)

High energy, high starch ration. Suitable for all types of cattle and weanling’s. This is the number one leading ration in the market place. Proven results for excellence in performance. Contains high levels of native barley and beans.