Calf Feed

Acorn calf Museli 18%

MACS Calf Ration Stage 1 (17% C.P.)

High quality, specialized ration designed and priced competitively to feed at early stages of calf rearing. Contains flaked maize, cooked peas and full fat soya.

MACS Calf Ration Stage 2 (17% C.P.)

Designed a follow-on from the Stage 1 Calf Ration with similar ingredients. Should be fed to calves from 12 week of age. Optimum levels of minerals and vitamins are included.

MACS Calf Cube (17% C.P.)

Specialized feed suitable for all ages of calf growth, from 3-4 month through until 9 months at which stage the Cereal Beef Cube/Ration becomes the ideal feed.