Dairy Feed


Cubes & Rations

Acorn (16% C.P.) Dairy Cube/Ration

This is a top quality feed containing high levels of energy and fibre for mid-late lactation cows on good quality grass/silage.  Specially designed to keep lactose levels high at the end of lactation.

MACS Supreme Dairy Ration (18% C.P.)

High UFL, high protein feed suitable for cows in a medium to high performing dairy herd. Includes good quality dairy minerals and more than 50% of ration is made up of high starch ingredients (Beans and cereal).

Acorn Dairy 18% Cube

This cube is competitively priced in the market place. Aimed at late to early lactation cows on silage and limited grass supply. Formulated with high levels of minerals and vitamins to improve herd health.

Acorn Milk Lac Cube (18% C.P.)

Designed for commercial herds on good silage with a yield potential of up to 4,500 litres. Suitable in late lactation for sustaining yields, especially if grass supply in scare.

MACS Dairy Crest 20 % Cube/Ration

Excellent quality feed with high protein to push cow yields through the winter. This feed contains high quality ingredients such as maize meal and soya. It should be used when the feeding value of silage is poor.

 Acorn Maize Dairy 25% Cube/Ration

High energy high protein balancer cube used by intensive winter milk dairy systems.Contains high phosphorus dairy minerals for balancing with maize silage or fodder beet. Farmers feeding a 50:50 ratio of grass: maize silage will generally require a 25% dairy balancer ration.