McDonnell Bros carry a full stock of fertilizers in Coolagown, Glanworth & Saleen, we stock 50kg, 500kg & Bulk. Fertilizer can be collected from the branch, delivered to farm or bulk spread.



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High N’s
-19-0-15, 20-4-10, Sulpha Cut, 24-2.2-4.5, Leifi Start, Sulpha Graze, 27:2.5:5, Richland (23-2.5-5+S), Greenland Plus T/E (24-2-4.5+S+T/E), Silage Gold (20-2-12+S+A).

10:10:20, 12:6-17, 13-6-20 +S, 14:7-14, 15:3-20, 164-20, 18:4:12, 18:6:12, 6:10:18, 7:6:17, 8:5:18 & Replenish.

0:10:20, 0:7:30 & Potassic Slag.

Straight K’s
Gran Lime, Muriate of Potash, Sulphate of Potash, GrowMax.

Straight N’s
Ammonia Sulphate, A.S.N., Can, Gran Urea, Prilled Urea, Selenigrass, Sul Can, Sweetgrass & SeleniStart.

Straight P’s
16% Super.


Fertilizer Usage Guide:

Grazing- assume a dairy enterprise feeding 500kg concentrate

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Optimum Soil Ph