Macs Fertilisers Range

Macs fertilisers are formulated to the need of our customers, through soil analysis and expert advice in the field. These fertilisers are the ideal products.

Macs Fertiliser Range

Macs super graze is an ideal replacement for CAN with the added enhancement of K, which helps to improve general soil health.

Macs Silage Boost is well formulated to help keep your soil index at the optimum level spread at 4-5 bags per acre. Gives high nitrogen and high levels of K.


Macs Greenland Plus is a well-proportioned NPK fertiliser containing a generous level of trace elements. Can be used for producing high yields of quality grass or as a top dressing on cereals.

Macs Grain Grow is formulated with the knowledge of cereal soil samples, indicating the need for a higher level of K in soils.

Macs 18’s Revive is used in many cases where 18:6:12 would have been used.  With the added advantages of giving extra K and sulphur and reducing P to help with nitrates.

Macs Green Grow is formulated for grassland where slurry has been applied. Designed to meet the demands of high grazing situations to maintain P & K levels, while meeting nitrogen demands. An ideal substitute for Cut Sward or Pasture Sward.

Macs Super Sweet Graze is a high nitrogen fertiliser with added K, Sulphur and Sodium, increasing the palatability of your grass, thus increasing dry matter intake.

Available in our Castletownroche branch. Can be collected or sprayed by a local contractor.

  • 24N + 3S


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