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Grass Seed

We carry a full range of seed varieties from the latest Department of Agriculture Recommended List. Our mixes are formulated to the highest standards and recognised as being leaders in the field. We have our own approved mixing plant on site where any special mix can be made at your request.

Our Grass Seed Mixes 2024

Benefits of using our Grass Seed Blends

  • Blended from the best varieties, from the Pasture Profit Index (PPI).
  • Mixed in house at our DAFM Approved Facility.
  • Our quality mixes will results increased intakes and animal performances.
  • Will increase DM Yield on average by 3 tonne per hectare over of pastures.
  • Increases nutrients efficiency giving up to o 25% more response from fertiliser.


All mixes may be subject to change.

Our Grass Seed Brochure 2024

Grass Seed Mcdonnell Brothers

Sweet Tooth is the premium high quality grazing mixture for intensive grazing systems. 

Kg/Acre Variety

  • 2.5kg AstonEnergy (T)
  • 3.0kg AberGain (T)
  • 2.4kg AstonConqueror (D)
  • 2.0kg AberChoice (D)
  • 0.6kg White Clover

11.5kgs per acre

Key Features:

  • Carefully formulated with the leading varieties from the Pasture Profit Index (PPI)
  • High grass utilisation values giving high sward clean out.
  • Exceptional quality varieties for higher animal performance
  • excellent seasonal yield for early and late grazing. 
  • Suitable for intensive grazing  or 1 cut and graze system

Sweet Tooth also is available with no clover and High Clover containing 1.2kg of clover. 

Gold Tooth is a high yeilding mixture suited to grazing or cut and graze systems. 

Kg/Acre Variety

  • 3.0kg AberBann (D)
  • 2.9kg AstonKing (D)
  • 2.5kg Ballintoy (T)
  • 2.5kg GlenField (T)
  • 0.6kg White clover

Total 11.5kg per Acre

Key Features:

  • High Spring and autumn growth for early turnout.
  • High quality, leafy grasses for excellent animal performance.
  • all late heading varieties with good silage yields.
  • Excellent sward density and persistency.
  • the ideal balance of Diploid and Tetraploid variety to give years of quality grazing and silage.  

Two-cut silage is a high quality, high yielding silage mix. 

Kg/Acre Variety

  • 3.5kg AberMagic (D)
  • 3.0 kg Moira (D)
  • 2.2kg AberClyde (T)
  • 2.2 kg Fintona (D)
  • 0.6kg White Clover

Total: 11.5kg /Acre

Key Features:

  • An ultra reliable silage mixture formulated to withstand the intense demands on a to cut or more systems. 
  • Exceptional silage DM yield performance.
  • Suited to a 1st cut in mid t late May and a 2nd cut to follow.
  • Excellent quality varieties to increase your silage DMD.
  • Produces rapid regrowth after cutting with a highly dense digestible leafy sward. Good quality for high DMD silage

A high- quality dense mixture, for difficult and challenging soil types.

Kg/Acre Variety

  • 4.2kg Drumbo (D)
  • 4.0kg AberChoice (D)
  • 2.7kg GraceHill (T)
  • 0.6kg White clover

Total:11.5Kg /Acre

Key Features

  • Specially designed for a heavy soils.
  • Contains persistent varieties with a high ground score to improve sward density.
  • A high- quality mixture to promote good intake in poorer ground conditions.

DAFM Multi-Species Scheme

Kg/Acre Variety / Type

  • 3.6 kg AberChoice(D) Grass
  • 3.0 kg AstonEnergy (T) Grass
  • 0.7 Timothy Grass
  • 1.5 Red Clover Legume
  • 1.5 White Clover Legume
  • 1.0 Plantain Herb
  • 0.7 Chicory Herb

Total: 12kg per Acre

Benefits of Multi-Species

  • Meets DAFM Requirement for multi species specification. 
  • Contain complementary plant species to fix nitrogen, improve soils structure and create a palatable sward.
  • Reduces need for artificial nitrogen. 
  • Improve soil structure, biodiversity and soil fertility. 
  • Suited to dairy, beef and sheep systems.


  • Ideally sow in late April or May but can be sown up until mid-August 
  • Controls weeds prior to sowing, avoid sowing in fields with a history of weed problems. 
  • Choose fertile fields with Ph>6.3 and P & K index 3.


  • Avoid hard grazing to grazing in poor conditions. 
  • Rationally graze for best results. 

DAFM Red Clover Scheme 

Kg/Acre Variety

  • 3.0kg AberClyde (T)
  • 2.5kg AberMagic (D)
  • 2.0kg Moira (D)
  • 4.0kg Red Clover
  • 0.5kg White clover

Total 12kg/acre

Benefits of red clover silage mix

  • An excellent source of home gown protein. 
  • Yields of 12/14 T Dm/Ha with no artificial N.
  • High yielding grass varieties for increased silage yields. 


  • For optimum, quality, cut 4 times to a Hight of 7-8cm
  • Disengages mower conditioner to minimise leaf shatter.
  • wilt for up to 48 horse, aim to ensile at 285-30% DM.
  • Artificial N not required, Ensure adequate soil P & K Status (index 3)
  • Will tolerate a light autumn grazing avoid in wet conditions.  

Kg/Acre Variety

  • 3.0 Oakpark
  • 2.5 Ballyvoy
  • 2.5 kg Drumbo
  • 2.0 Aston conqueror
  • 2.0 Smooth Stalked Meadowgrass
  • 1.0 Maxima
  • 1.0 Timothy

Total: 14.00 kgs/acre



At McDonnell Brothers, we have a DAFM approved see blending plant. At this facility we would be delighted to formulate any mixture you require. We have the expertise to advise your on the best blend to meet your requirements. 

McDonnell Brothers have the access the the best breeders, giving you the leading variety of grass seed on the market.

When reseeding there is no better teams to support you in making the best decision. 


If you need more information on any of our
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