Grassland Chemicals

McDonnells Bros has an extensive range of grassland chemicals, from reseeding to specific weed control. Contact our advisors or call in to one of our branches to get the current knowledge on the best way to control grassland weeds.

Our most popular grassland chemicals

  • Doxstar Pro – Excellent chemical to control against docks, common chickweed, daisies, dandelions, and other common grassland weeds
  • Forefront T – Best available control of all key grassland weeds, controls docks, thistles, nettle ragwort etc.
  • Grazon Pro – Provides excellent control of docks, thistles, and nettle etc in grassland
  • Thistle X – Controls mainly creeping and spear thistles
  • Pastor Trio – Excellent control of a range of grassland weeds including buttercups, thistle, dandelions, and docks
  • Envy – Excellent chemical to control buttercups, dandelions, plantains, daisies and more
Grassland Chemicals


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