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Dairy Feed

High energy high protein balancer cube used in intensive winter milk dairy systems. Contains high phosphorus dairy minerals for balancing with maize silage or fodder beet. Farmers feeding a 50:50 ratio of grass to maize silage will generally require a 24% dairy balancer ration.

Excellent quality feed with high protein to push cow yields through the winter/spring. This feed contains high quality ingredients such as maize meal and soya. A great feed to keep conditions on cows while keeping your cows their optimal performance

High energy and high protein dairy feed. Containing Megalac and the perfect balance of ingredients to give your cows the best start in early lactation. This is a proven performer, giving outstanding results. Contains rumen buffers.

Suitable in early and late lactation for sustaining yields, especially if grass supply in scarce in the autumn.

Milkmax is the one of our best sellers. Due to its high energy, it has proven to help minimise negative energy balance in freshly calved cows. Often fed by customers all year round where feed protein isn’t an issue. Contains rumen buffers.

Our dairy 16% feed is a top-quality feed containing high levels of energy and fibre for mid-late lactation cows on good quality grass/silage. Specially designed to keep lactose levels high at the end of lactation.

High energy fertility feed loaded with minerals and vitamins to optimise cow health for the breeding season while also enhancing energy levels at the crucial time. This feed can also be supplied with equaliser crema, which aids the prevention of the drop in milk fat levels during early spring grazing conditions.

Summer feed designed to boost cow minerals and vitamin status while giving the required levels of cal-mag at low feeding rate.

Hight UFL Feed based on maize and barley. A great fibre feed for summer grazing. Contains a classic dairy mineral and vitamin package.

A low protein feed with a high UFL. Designed for a cow on high protein lush grass, great to keep BCS on your cows.

Carefully formulated to contain the best ingredients to ensure your replacement heifers achieve their maximum performance, Heifer Rearer can be fed as a follow-on to our calf ration range to ensure the best results.

We use the highest quality native barley, wheat, oats, distillers, and beans to make our top quality ration. We also stock a full range of imported raw materials.

Specials can be made when required to suit individual needs, we also have a complete range of additives including Megalac, Rumbuff, yeast, biotin, fertility minerals and Equaliser Cream.

Dairy feeds are available in both cube and course formulation


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