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Beef Feed

High protein and energy beef feed formulation to balance diet where maize or beet are being fed. Special minerals pack is included to ensure the best performance.

Created for the modern dairy heifer to help her achieved targets weights both in her first year at housing and her second year in calf.

A high energy and protein dense feed specifically formulated for young beef stock to help them grow, mature and gain weight. A follow on from our calf range, this feed will keep your beef animals growing and thriving.

Carefully formulated to contain the best ingredients to ensure your replacement heifers achieve their maximum performance, turbo grow can be fed as a follow-on to our calf ration range to ensure the best results.

High energy, high starch ration. Suitable for all types of cattle and weanlings. This is our number one leading general-purpose ration. Proven to give excellent results. Contains high levels of native barley and beans.

A general- purpose feed that can be fed to all stock. Beef 14% is a high energy feed, containing a generous number of native cereals.

This ration has over 50% cereal content including maize. It contains an intensive mineral with buffers. It also contains yeast and concentrated fat. These all help to give extremely high weight gains and grades.

Designed for intensive Ad-Lib finishing of superior cattle and bull beef on an energy dense diet. It contains barley and maize. Also includes a good range of buffers to ensure no acidity problems.

Specially designed for intensive feeding in the last 60-90 days before slaughter. Contains a high level of maize meal.  Also includes intensive beef mineral pack which improves feed efficiency, increases dry matter intakes and reduces digestive disorders.

Specials can be made when required to suit individual needs, we also have a complete range of additives including megalac, acid buff, yeast, biotin, etc .

Beef feed is available in both cube and course formulation


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