Sheep Feed

High energy, high spec 18% protein sheep feed. Formulated specifically to maximise milk supply and lamb vigour. Contains soya bean meal. Designed as a pre and post lambing ration for prolific flocks. Should also be used in cases where forage is less top quality or low in protein.

High energy 17% protein sheep feed suitable for ewes at breeding time and pre-lambing. Does not contain soya bean meal (Supreme Ewe Lac 18%  is more suitable close to lambing as contains soya bean meal). Contains Rhyno’s high spec ewe minerals. Not suitable for male lambs, rams, or wethers.

High Energy 16% protein based feed.  This is a high cereal feed for older lambs. Specifically formulated mineral package helps greatly reduce the risk of urinary calculi. Contains Rhyno’s high spec lamb minerals.

Specials can be made when required to suit individual needs. We also have a complete range of minerals, vitamins and additives.

Sheep feed is available in both cube and course formulation


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