At McDonnells Bros we provide a wide range of testing and advisory services. Outlined below is a comprehensive list of our offering.

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Our team consists of highly qualified nutritionists that are available to you with practical and up to date advice on diet formulation whatever your farming enterprise is. We can formulate and balance your diet requirements to achieve the maximum performance from your stock.

We at McDonnell Bros provide a complete service to manage your crop. We offer the service of advice on Soil Analysis, Crop Varieties, Weed Control, Disease Management and Crop Margins.

A Fertiliser Bulk spreading service is available out of our branches in Coolagown, Glanworth, Saleen, Castletownroche and we also offer a liquid Nitrogen spraying service from our Castletownroche branch. We have the latest GPS Technology to ensure precises and accurate spreading of fertilisers. 

In our Coolagown branch we have an in house washing and repair service for all horse rugs, calf jackets, dog, and cat blankets.

If you are thinking about building a shed, putting in cubicles, trying to design a handling facility or laying slat mats, our team at McDonnells can design and advise you on the best possible layout to suit you and your yard.

McDonnell Bros offers soil sampling and analysis services. Customers can soil sample themselves or one of our team can take the samples with our elite service of GPS soil sampling and mapping, which give accurate maps & soil analysis.

Standard soil testing covers pH Level and P & K Index. With more advanced testing available which gives you Trace Elements and Organic Matter.

On receipt of your result our team will be there to give you advice, and where needed, a plan to get your soil back to the desired Index.

McDonnell Bros offers an in-house grass testing service at our Fermoy Branch. We can test your grass to determine the level of Nitrogen and sugars for optimal cutting time for your silage.

The quality of your Silage is key to good animals’ performance and will determine the animals winter diet. With this is mind we provide a silage testing service to determine the ideal diet for your stock.

We provided slurry testing, which shows the level of NP and K in your slurry. Sample sizes of 2-3 litres of agitated slurry is needed. Test results shows the level of NPK in 1000 Gallons. This will help you to work out the balance needed from fertiliser. Our team can help with a fertiliser plan based on your results.

At McDonnell Bros we can help solve all your on-farm water issues. We can design, install and commission a completely new water system.


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