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Silage Cover

Visqueen Polythene Silage Cover

Available in a wide range of sheet sizes:

  • 24x75m
  • 36x75m
  • 42x75m
  • 46x80m
  • 52x80m
  • 60x80m
  • 60x100m
  • 60x120m

Epicrop Silage Cover Green/Black

  • The Epicrop silage sleet has two layers a green and black, the green outer layer has as ability to reflect the solar radiation from the sun, which decreases the temperature of the silage in turn preventing undesirable fermentation.
  • Thickness 420g
  • Available in sizes 36x80ft, 60x80ft, 60x120ft

Visqueen Clingseal

  • Highly adhesive, clear plastics sheet which goes below black silage sheet
  • Designed to reduces air pockets. In turn reducing spoilage on the top and shoulder
  • Faster more efficient fermentation
  • Suitable for a variety of crops
  • 100% recyclable

Bale Plastic Wrap


Silotite is our number one selling brand of bale plastic wrap. It is available in different length sizes and colours including Black, Green, White and Pink. We also stock a number of other trusted brands.


Baletite is a net wrap replacement film that has been created for baling machines that can plat film instead of net. Baletite enhances the enhance the ensiling process and protects the contents of the bale by creating additional layers of protection around the bale.

Silage Net Wrap

ACORN GREEN EDGE 4,200 meters

Acorn 4,200m silage net wrap, manufactured by Tama specifically for tough Irish conditions, Extra strong, long and providing excellent bale coverage every time. Proven in the fields giving increase efficiency and ultimately delivery great value for money compared to cheaper alternatives.
Tama Edge-To-Edge Silage Net Wrap is 4,500 meters and covers the bale from “edge to edge”. It has a mark on the last 75 meters to alert the operator to the roll end. This will wrap 450 bales approximately. This wrap is one of the Market Leaders. This is the longest net in the Irish market.

Epicrop Bale Net 3600

  • Full bale coverage performance
  • Guaranteed minimum length
  • Red End Warning System
  • High Breaking Strength
  • UV Stabilization
  • Consistent and trouble free

Bailing Twine

  • Acorn Round Baler Twine (fine) Length 11,150 ft/roll 2 rolls per pack
  • Acorn Square Baler Twine (standard roll 12,000 ft/roll 2 rolls per pack
  • Heston Big Square Baler Twine (Heavy) 7,200 ft. long

Bale Protection

  • SILANET (1) 15 X 20 Mtrs.
  • SILANET (11) 15 X 10 Mtrs.

This product is designed to keeps birds from landing on a stack of round bales and can be elevated from the bales using blue barrels or tyres between the bales and net.

Silage Pit Bag

  • 6ft * 3ft 35kg
  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces labour
  • Environmentally friendly


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