Macs Animal Feed

McDonnell Brothers provide a wide range of high quality feedstuffs for Dairy, Beef, Calf, Sheep and Horses.

We source a large portion of our raw materials from our grain growers in the area. All the Barley, Wheat & Beans are grown locally and come from our customers who are all members of IGAS (Irish Grain Assurance Scheme).

With good quality raw materials, traceability and quality control we provide the very best Macs Animal Feeds to give you the best performance for your stock.


Range of Feeds:


Cubes :Acorn maize dairy 25%  Cube , Macs Dairy Crest 20%Cube , Hi Energy Milk Lac 18%Cube , Macs 18 % Dairy Cube, Macs 16% Hi Energy Dairy Cube, Macs Graze well Cube 14%.

Coarse:   Macs 20% Dairy Crest, ,Macs Supreme Dairy 18, Macs Dairy 18% Ration, Macs 16% Dairy,Macs Grass meal 14%.




Cubes: Macs Cereal Beef Cube 15%, Macs Beef finishing Nut 14%

Coarse Rations:  Macs Balancer Ration 22%, Macs Hi Pro  Beef Ration 20 %, Macs Bull Ration 18%, Macs Cereal Beef 16%,Macs Beef Ration 14%, Macs Beefmaker Ration 14%, Macs Super Beef 12%, Macs Bull elite Ration 11%.




Acorn calf Museli 18% Macs Calf ration stage 1 18%, Macs calf ration stage 2 17% , Macs Calf Cube 17% .



Sheep Feeds:

Macs Ewe and Lamb Cube 17%, Macs Ewe and Lamb Ration 17%


Beet Pulp, Citrus Pulp, Coarse Maize Meal, Corn Gluten, Distillers Grains, Hi Pro Soya, Rapeseed Meal, Rolled Barley, Rolled Wheat, Soya Hulls, Whole Barley, Whole Maize & Whole Wheat.


We can make a special feed to meet your requirements, you can tell us a list of ingredients you wish to be put in the feed or our Nutritionist can advise you.









See Our Brochures Below


Feed Brochure 2015 – this explains different rations


Wet Super Grain Brochure